Wow! That was a long trip. I am glad we are home, and safe now. I don't like leaving my pets, and my bed, and such at home. It was a fun trip though! I am glad that we got to go, and spend all that family time together. My dad's whole family made the effort to drive to Gilbert for a Thanksgiving. BRINGHURST STYLE! Thanksgiving is unbelievably nice in Arizona. So warm, and relaxing. Any who, my brain is kind of frazzled right now, so I am trying to organize my thoughts for this post. Basically, this is the stuff I am filtering. lkaus7ye8ryaBvlajhp;]q7wucfjhdfahj vausyf uYHP78y aos7di8f8iaj 8967w78346 t0p awriye o98qe yrqh3p4987feyhaqbwlehflo76qaet78oq8aiw2w7q34ityr 784o pqe8r7f yvpq98734wr7fy qpu8eyf qiwrufty qw7465r oqeywfihq eo8246y uoqr'wavgrwf7yqowietiuhf kqui3o4w8efsdhuyjbnqwf....... Yup. That's the stuff. Well, the trip started on Wednesday afternoon, when we left the homestead at about 3:30. A little later than what we wanted, but we were NOT ready! We drove to Vegas on Wednesday, and stayed the night in the Stratosphere. My Mom accidentally forgot to pack my dad's contact lens solution, so we had to stop at a local Walmart to buy some. We decided to take my mom's dog, Dill, with us, and I decided to take my bird Kiwi. That meant we had to smuggle them into the Stratosphere... Boy was that fun! Luckily everything went fine with that. Thursday morning, we moved right along, and got on the road to Arizona! We were about five minutes away from the hotel when my dad started getting an allergy attack from the new contact lens solution. He started sniffling, getting a tight chest, and runny eyes. So he had to take those out, and wear his glasses. That was interesting! Once we got to our destination, the trailer, we dropped off our stuff, and I put my bird in his cage so he could stay there while we went to Thanksgiving dinner. We headed towards the Woodards house which is in Gilbert, and ate a FANTASTIC(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Thanksgiving dinner! Graciously prepared by my Uncle Nate. There was turkey, of course, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, jello, yummy yams, corn, and probably more, but I can't think of it right now! It was such a good dinner, and I loved it a ton. We then visited for a while, and then we went back to the trailer. Friday, we went to Goldfield Mine town in Apache Junction with the Bringhursts! It was alot of fun. Later that day, we had a birthday party for my cousin Ryliegh at Peter Piper Pizza. The next day, we just relaxed, went to lunch at Cilantro's, I mean, Oregano's, went to the Woodards (I baked cookies!) and then went to dinner at Sakana, While my Aunt and Uncle went to Jim Gaffigan... Lucky..... Sunday, we got ready to go home, and drove half way to Vegas, and Monday, we drove the rest of the way home! Now here we are. Home. Safe. Happy. My mom made the best dinner tonight too. She made cheese pasta salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and broccoli, and cauliflower. It was the best! Anyways, I am way tired, so Toodleloo!


Kim Bringhurst said...

It was a fun trip. The dinner was yummy! And it IS nice to be home!