I finally did my henna!! I didn't want a bright red this time, so instead I used something called Indigo that makes my hair darker. So my mom mixed henna and indigo together so that it would make a auburn color. It worked out perfectly!!!! I love it so much!! It's like in those Pantene commercials where their hair is bouncy and shiny!! It looks so nice!! Thank you mom!!!!

P.S This picture was taken in Brit's room where he has a very bright light and it makes my beautiful hair look more beautiful.


FRIENDS all the way from Las Vegas!!

On Friday I got to play with my friend!! She and her family have traveled all the way from Henderson Nevada to see us! Well technically not "us" but their dad who lives here. Anyways they had time to fit us (me and Brit) into their schedule! Grayden 14 is Brit's friend and Mickenzie 12 is my friend. Anyways first we played Rock Band because it is four players, and then Brit and Grayden played Halo 3, while me and Mickenzie watched Chicken Run, and then we all played the Wii, and then we all had a card fight! Me and Mickenzie did a really stupid thing by throwing all of our cards at them at one time. Then we had to grab a pillow and cower in a corner while we got hit by endless amouts of cards. Then today we sold Brits big giganto bunk bed, and then we went to Ikea to get him some furniture for his room, and then tonight I put curtains in my room, 'cause I have been sleeping in my mom's room with her. I slept on a air mattress and she slept on a twin bed. I didn't like sleeping in my room because I didn't have anything to cover my window. So every night when I would go to sleep I would have this sensation that someone was watching me throught the window. Creepy I know. Anyways it's getting late so I better stop blogging now!!!

Good night!

Sleep tight!

Don't let those creepy sensations that someone's watching you bite!



Rock Band Update

Ok update on Rock Band!!! So, here's what happened, originally my mom was the drummer and I was the singer, so, we are all kinda new to the game and getting used to it, and in the game if one person failed three times then thats game over. So, there is one song called Learn to Fly, by the Foo Fighters that my mom couldn't do on the drums so we came up with the idea that me and my mom would trade so that I would do the drums and my mom would sing. That's working really well right now, we are all on medium now except for Brit who is on hard. So I thought I would let everyone know that. Anywho... really boring night tonight, I'm hoping that we can get our band together and ROCK OUT!!!!!!! Sorry kinda lost it there, Ok well thats it!!


Yurt. What? Yurt. What?

Ahhh such a nice weekend. This weekend me and my family went for a camping trip down at East Canyon, We stayed in what is called a Yurt. They are like tents but the are round instead of, well tentish. It was really nice, there was one bunk bed, one couch that folds into a bed, and under the bunk bed was a trundle bed. Sadly, today was the day to leave. : ( Today is just a rest day, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Today on the drive home we saw 13 Bald Eagles, about 15 deer, and a couple turkeys. Yesterday, on the road, we saw a Llama. A LLAMA!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?!?!?! We think it got loose from one of the farms. Ok so animals that we saw total, over a hundred deer, around 15 bald eagles, around 13 turkeys, a few elk, and we smelled a skunk by our yurt, and in the morning we saw skunk tracks, we didn't really see the skunk, but we have evidence that there was a skunk, and we saw a couple of rabbits. I think thats it. Well, I guess I better get going!! See ya later!! Oh and don't forget to check out my poll at the bottom of the page!!



I thank my mom for telling me how to put music on my blog!!! Of course I could've asked Jeni, I just decided that this would be good, for now... I have many of my favorite artists on there, and many that are good songs from Guitar Hero and Rock Band, such as, Through the Fire and Flames, and Dead! Anyways... I'm posting cuase I'm bored and so I have nothing to do... Anyways, See ya later!


La La La La

La La La, I'm bored and I'm posting for fun!!! Don't know what to post about... Hmmmmm..... Okay.... Let's have a debate. Which is better, Llamas, or alpacas!?!?!?!?!? bwahahahhahhahah!!!!! :/



I hate Mondays. I don't like them because they are the begining of a week. I like the weekends the best though! Oh and I like Fridays too! I'm really bored right now so I am writing in my blog... What should I post, La La La La! Oh I know what I can post about! Ok so here it goes, This morning I was holding one of our cats, and Ruby came up and she wanted the attention and so I pushed her away, and that freaked the cat out, and so she scratched me, now thanks to her I have seven scratches. Three of them bled and the others look like scars. I cleaned them all out with hydrogen peroxide, so I'm not worried about infection. Anywho, that was my day(so far)!

See Ya Later!!




Awesome!! Thank you Jeni!!!! I love Pyzam.com SOOO much! I have so many favorite templates that I don't know what one I want first!! I'm probably going to switch off every other day or so, so keep checking in! Also I don't have anything to post about and so I need ideas! If you have any ideas please leave a comment!


Rock Band

Hey there peoples! Today we got the drums for Rock Band and now my whole family can play! It's way fun! I sing, My dad plays bass, My brother plays guitar, and my mom plays the drums! It's way fun because we started our own band called "Black Sunshine" and I think we ROCK!! We went to Wingers for dinner and I hadn't had lunch and so I was so hungry that my legs were shaking! After that we went to Best Buy and it was a NIGHTMARE!!!! So first, we couldn't decide what T.V we should buy(for my parents room), and then when we were going to pay, we had to fill out all these forms, because they wouldn't let you check it out at the regular check out stands, and so that took FOREVER!!! And then there were teenagers playing Rock Band and they sounded TERRIBLE!!! It was just, you know the little things that start piling up and then, bam! They overflow. Oh and Jeni, I was wondering how you put pictures on the side of you're blog, Like you're blog has flowers, and Megans blog has skulls and hearts, and Sammys blog has MNM's or however you spell it. Anyways just leave a comment on how. Thanks!




Happy New Year everybody! I hope all of you had a good day/night! Last night (New Years Eve) we didn't have a party of any kind so we decided to play Rock Band! Me and my Mom were the singers, Brit was the guitarist, and my dad was the Bassist. We ROCKED!!!! We started at 10:00 I think and then we ended at like 12:13 or something like that. Anyway, This morning my dad cooked breakfast, he made French Toast with Texas Toast, It was DELICIOUS!! For lunch of dinner we are going to have stroganoff, I LOVE stroganoff! On Rock Band I unlocked one, no TWO of the best songs in the world (hold the applause)(drum roll please!) Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Enter Sandman (Metallica), They are fun songs! Except Enter Sandman is EXTREMELY hard!! Anyways I better go now! See ya later!