Over the past week or so, I have been thinking, and I think from now on, I want to enjoy everything that life has to throw at me. And enjoy the gardens, and the bugs. If I find a spider crawling on my leg, why not help him off, instead of flipping out a jumping up and smashing it with a shoe? Spiders have feelings too. So do flies, and ants, and all the other little bugs that we smash, just because they land in our steak and barf all over it. Just eat around that part. Enjoy the little things in life. Like the fact that bees pollinate our garden because that is their duty. They don't hurt you, if you don't hurt them. I am going to have a good mood about work, and home school. Instead of dreading it everyday, until I drag all of my chores through out the day, and don't have time to go and do stuff with my family, or play with friends. Do you see what I am saying? I am starting a whole new life style for myself. Where there is no boring. Everything will be fun. Not blah. That is Kaylee's new lifestyle! :)



Yesterday we touched down on the home plate,(or driveway) and I am so glad to be back. Last night, of course we had to go over to G-ma's and G-pa's. And of course there was alot of hugging, and I saw aunt Jeni, who I haven't seen in a very long time, WINK WINK. It was good to see everyone, and wish Grandma good luck on her biopsy tomorrow. Then we came home for a good ol' fashioned sleep, in a big ol' full sized bed. Jealous right? One itsy bitsy problem. I FORGOT TO SAY GOODNIGHT TO MY DAD!!!!! UGH idiot!! I completely forgot. Luckily this morning, I heard him on his phone, so I went down stairs to spend some quality time with him. It was nice! I helped him carry his computers out to his car, and looked at some of the magazines that came in the mail, and drew, and got to spend some good time with him. I am thinking I want to go to work with him again some time, so we need to figure out a good time dad!! Then, we had to take Brit to his teen group. It's crazy thinking that I will be able to go after my birthday, most of my shoes don't even fit me even more!! He played a little bit of soccer, and some kick ball. Then they played Mafia, and they invited me to play! So I did, and I thought it was very nice of them. And now, we are just eating our delicious curry linner. And that just about sums it up!