Update on life

Well I haven't blogged for a while so here it goes. It's been really busy at our house, trying to get the house ready to sell,(if I haven't already said that a bazillion times!!!!) And I think that we're just about done! I've started thinking about where I want to move to, and I think that I want to move to Arizona! With my cousins there, and lots of homeschool groups, It might be kinda cool! If not I wanna live up by cottonwood or something. It is going to be my birthday in the beggining of Sept, And I will be 11! I'm way excited! I am going to do Hi-tea with my friends at Gardener Village, and I am going to have an exteneded family party at a park, and I am going to go to the Melting Pot with my family for dinner! I'm excited! Also our Xbox 360 is not working! Wah!! It's the game system that has all our favorite games! Boohoo!! Another thing is, I have already got my Halloween costume! I am going to be Scout Finch, from To Kill a Mockingbird. I have the overalls, the shoes, and the shirt! Yay me!!



Well, since my dad started a tag, I thought, maybe I should start a tag! GIRLS ONLY!!!!

Okay, here are the rules.
No cheating! But I guess you probably already knew that.
Be honest! No lying basically.
Have FUN! If you haven't heard the FUN song from Spongebob Squarepants I would highly reccomend going to youtube and typing, FUN song, Spongebob Squarepants.

When was the last time you had a pedicure? Um, before Memorial Day
What is you're favorite drink? Water
What's you're fave piece of clothing? Probably my rocker shirt, or my gray cami.
What's you're fave Holiday? Halloween!
When is you're Birthday(optional)?(month & date only) Sept. 16th
Do you have kids(optional)? Nope
One thing that's on you're Bucket List? Go to Disneyworld!
Fave pair of shoes? my chucks!
What color do you like on you're toes? Black, blue, or pink!
How many animals do you have? sixteen
Last Vaca? AZ. and LV.
What 'Theme' is you're room? Pirate!
Do you think this is a stupid tag? No, cause I created it!
Do you believe in 'Girl Power'? Heck yes!
What's you're fave color? purple
What color is you're hair? Dark reddish brown
Do you like to wear Make-up? No
How much do you weigh(optional)? 65 pounds
Fave animal? cat!
What is you're fave food?all!!!!
Are you good at Guitar Hero/Rock Band? HECK YES!!!!!!!!!


Now I tag... My mom, Jeni, Megan!!!



often times I ask myself questions I don't know the answers to. Like, Why do living things always have to die? What's wrong with three dogs? How come sugar tastes so good, but is terrible for you're health? Why are there so many temptations to do wrong? Why do we do bad things? I think what I'm trying to get to is, Life is uncertain, eat desert first.



Well, yesterday was a good(ish) day, We laid the tile in the bathroom at the end of the hall, and I read my book (of course), So... There always has to be a downside to something right? RIGHT!! When me and my mom went to feed our horses, I grabbed Beau's hay, and my mom had Ginger's, So I went into Beau's stall, and he reached out to grab a bite of hay, But he missed, and grabbed my arm!! He let go as soon as he realized it was me, but it HURT!! Now I have a bruise in the shape of horse teeth, hee hee!


Hi-Tea with Grandma and Ti!

Yesterday, I had Hi-Tea with my Grandma, and my cousin Tiani, It was at Gardner Village, which is the perfect place for a girl's day out! First we started out dressing up, I had a black cloak, and a black hat, Tiani had a pink cloak, and a green hat, and a green blue and pink scarf, and my Grandma had a Pink hat, and a pink and purple scarf. For my tea i got Lavender, My Grandma got Stress Busting Chai, and Tiani got Creme Au La Caremal, or something like that, and I liked all of the teas! For ou Finger Sandwiches, we got a cucumber sandwiches, Seafood Baguette, and Croissante Tuna! They were all very good! My favorite was the Cucumber sandwich! After that we did some shoppin'! I got a beautiful halloween decoration called 'Strolling Catrina' I will try to copy the pictures from my camera onto the computer to show you a picture of her. Tiani got a mood ring, and my Grandma also got some halloween decorations. I'm WAY excited for Halloween! IT is my favorite holiday! I'm trying to decide who to dress up as, Scout (from To kill a Mockingbird) An 80's rockstar, or Catwoman! You tell me!!