Ouch, You're wrist is to bony.

Well, I'd like to start this post out telling you that I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. And that I am going to try to do better. lol. Well, last Thursday, I went to my Phys. Ed. class. and in September we are learning about basketball. So sometimes we play basketball games like Poison, or Dribble Tag. Se we were all playing dribble tag, and I was trying to know the ball out of my counselors hand, But I missed his ball, and jammed my finger on his bony wrist. At first I thought it was broken, cause it hurt like H311! So another one of my counselors took me out and she got me an ice pack. We only played basketball for a hour, then they were going swimming. But I wasn't going swimming cause I had a sore ear. So they left me on the couch without anyone, Crying cause the ice pack hadstopped working, my mom and Brit were in the weight room pumping iron, and I thought that I couldn't go in there cause you had to be 15 or older. So I see Brit walk up to the glass, and I knock on the glass, He notices me and tells my mom. So they walk out and see that I'm crying, I tell them what happened, and we drove to Rite Aid to get me a finger brace. But my wittle fingy is doing good now, just a little bruised.


Strange Topic...

Well yesterday at our CATS play that we saw, which my dad told about here, Hope it works, If not, once you are done reading my post, type in, www.holaimjeff.blogspot.com in you're thinger. So we are sitting there, waiting for the play to start, and we are looking the the play programs, and at Capitol Theatre, they are going to be doing The Backyardigans Live! So everyone is wondering what it is, and I chime in saying, 'Oh I saw this show with Sam in Arizona!' and Brit goes, "It's like a cross between Barney(he's out to get me I swear!) and the teletubbies!' so that brought on the conversation of, What ARE the Teletubbies names?! So we're having a game on my blog. If you can guess the names on the teletubbies, their vacuum, their food, and their toys, without looking it up in google, or yahoo. And mom dad and Brit can't do this! Please leave a comment!


P.E and a terrible brunch experience

Ever go to some restraunt and you're waiting for you're server to come,and you're thinking, 'I hope she's not my server, please don't let her be my server', And it turns out, Nancy IS you're server? I had this experience with my dad on Sunday. We went to Village Inn, and we got seated, and Nancy comes up to take our order, We both order the strawberry crepes, with hash browns and bacon. 7 minutes later she brings our food out on one of those brown trays, and coughs a terrible hack a lougie, smoking for fifteen years cough, RIGHT ON OUR FRIGGIN' FOOD!! Doesn't say sorry, doesn't bring us out more strawberry crepes with hash browns and bacon, and says 'There's your food'. When she left, I asked 'Did she just cough on my food?' and my dad says 'No I think she just coughed on mine' (trying to make me feel better, thanks dad(non sarchastic)) Then as we are eating, my dad stops chewing, puts his forfinger and thumb up to his mouth and pulls out a toenail! At least that's what it looked like, we hope it was just a really crunchy hashbrown, that was mysteriously shaped like a toenail. Then, I'm almost done with my crepes, and I feel something wierd in my mouth, so I pull it out, and it's a piece of seran wrap! you're kidding me right? So then we finish our food, my dad lays down the cash and we RAN out of there! We are NOT going there again!

Phys. Ed.
So today, I started a new homeschool P.E class, and I learned about basketball! It was really fun and I met a new friend! Her name is Sharon, and she is my age, but she is tiny! all in all it was really fun.