Catch up...

I need to post but I'm not feeling creative. So here it goes!


Well first off, Me and Brit started our school year, and so far it is going really well! On Tuesdays, we have Shakespeare, History, and Physiology, and I haven't tried Shakespeare yet, because the lady who is teaching it was out of town for the first week. And then on Wednesdays, we have Spanish, Art, Creative writing, and Constitutional studies. And THEN on Thursdays, we have Social dance, Entrapranuership, and Physics, and I have violin at 4:30 :D and of course, we do math at home, but that pretty much covers everything else!


Welllll, first off, wait. Ummm Second off, I am trying to decide how to repaint my room. I am thinking light blue, or pink walls, with argyle or something cute on them. Any ideas? I want something really cute, but I am not quite sure what I really want. SO let me know! And like I said before, I am not feeling very creative so... BYE!!!