On Friday, my family took me to Build-a-Bear Workshop, to get a Build-a-Bear to help with my dad leaving. So we went and I looked at them, And I chose a Cinnamon Swirl Bunny. Then I went to stuff her. And when it was time to put her heart in, I let my daddy make a wish on my heart, and then I made a wish on the heart. He kissed her heart, and then I put the heart that he chose in. Then, I went to groom her. And then, I named her. Her name is Cinnamon, but I call her, Cinny, Cinnabun, and Cinnabear. She is adorable, and I take her everywhere. I don't feel quite as sad as I did last time, Because I know that my dad is still kind of here with me. I feel really greatfull to have great, supportive parents, That I know will sacrifice anything for me. I wish it wasn't so hard to be away from my Daddy, But that's what love is. Daddy, I love you alot, and wish you happiness at home, in the twenty degree weather. Thanks for snuggling, Thanks for taking me to Build-a-Bear, and Thanks, for being the Daddy that you are. I love you so much, I don't think I can handle it :)

I love you, Your girl, Kaylee



Hey, sorry 'bout the whole writer's block thingy. I feel posty enough today to post. So our week started of easy, Sunday we went to Brunch at Village Inn. We were surrounded by old people. I swear it was kinda scary! Monday was a laid back day. Me and Brit did alot of drawing. I worked on my Valentine's day stuff, and Brit drew a centipede type thingy. Tuesday we woke up and watched the Presidential Inauguration. It was very cool to watch, and it was very historical. Later that day we went to the gym. I climbed the rock wall while Brit, and my mom worked out,in the work out room. Later that night,I played with my friend Louise, and her cousin Andrew. Today we slept in. Then I got to play with my friend Mac this morning. He is seven and is homeschooled too. Louise is eleven like me, and her cousin Andrew is nine. Everyday I get mauled by 7 year olds. I'm so popular here. It isn't very cool like it sounds. But I think I had popular parents so that's why. I love it here in Arizona!!!



Hey, sorry I haven't posted. I have alot to post about, but I am having Writer's Block. It sucks. So once I get my mind organized a little. I will post a very long post. Thanks, Kayz



Well, do you? Yesterday when we were walking in the park we did, It started when we got onto the grass. You feel this need to look over you're shoulder, and check who's there. So, We are walking the dogs, and we feel like we ARE being followed. So I look over my shoulder, and what to my wondering eyes do appear? Well a cute little dog, with a cute floppy ear. So we pick up the pace, our dogs whining so, and the little dog follows, and wants to know, can we be friends? For a little while, and we kindly decline for we have to go. And poor little doggy, goes out again, to find a new dog friend, for him to befriend.

P.S (that was supposed to sound like the night before Christmas :))



Dear dad, Even though we have only been apart for about 14 hours, I miss you. I'm sorry that you saw me cry before you left. I love you alot, and I just want to let you know I miss you alot. I hope that the time will pass quickly 'till Friday, and I hope we do lots of fun stuff.

I love you lots,

Kaylee :)



I'm not going to do a long post, I just want everyone to know that we made it to Arizona safe and easy, and we are all doing well. Thanks everyone for coming to say goodbye's and we'll keep in touch!!! I love you all!!