Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! GHOULS AND GOBLINS PIRATES AND MUMMIES KINGS AND QUEENS! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!! I'm probably not going to be able to type anything tomorrow and so once again Happy Halloween! I had a nice poem written and I had the whole thing Highlighted and I accidentally pressed Y. It sucked.

( I put a gargoyle here so that he could protect my blog ;) )


Teen Party

Today we have been working all day because Brit is having a Teen How to Host a Mystery. So I'm kinda tired. Anyways my mom wants me to help her with food and getting everything all set up and so, I'm sleeping well tonight! Anyways I wanted to say to everyone, Happy Halloween in case I don't get to say that until Nov. 1st or somthing. Anyways, I better get going because I've got to work a little more. Oh and another thing! I'm not included.




YAY!!!!! Today's my Violin AND (don't forget) my Co-op. YAY!!!!! I love them both ALOT! It's excting with my Violin class because I get to learn a new song! Last time I finished Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Im really excited to learn what song is next!!!!! I'll keep you updated on how it goes!

I'll see you later! Mwah Mwah, Kaylee


Family Party

Family Party was so fun!!! Not. UUUUUGGGGHHH!!!!! It was fun making the cake and all but, (sigh) everyone has left now, yes. It was soooo stressful, Mitchell coughing, Isaac screaming, Allias crying, As you can tell, I didn't have the time of my life! Hopefully the headache that I have will go away soon. Well all this typing is making my Brain hurt so I better stop. See ya later.



Well, today really actually sucked. I wanted to have family night tonight and well no one agreed on a movie so I got upset over that(I shouldn't have), and so then I tried to watch a movie on a old DVD player and it didn't have a remote and so I had to use a Universal Remote, and I thought it wasn't working so I got stressed over that and then Brit came in and I asked him and he said that it just needed new batteries. Tomorrow is probably going to suck even more because we are having a family party at our house and so we have to clean and work and did I mention clean? I'm real excited (not)! I'll try to post again tomorrow night and tell you how the party went. For now, Bye. (I tried to make this look happy for myself, It didn't work.)


I can't manage my sleep

The past few days have kind of sucked, I can't get to sleep 'till 1:00AM in the morning, and I'm waking up at nine. It really sucks and I need to get on a better schedule or else I'm not going to be doing so well. I'm really happy that I don't have to vacume today, Yay! I have to vacume the kitchen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Lucky for me... I vacumed it yesterday and so now I don't have to vacume today! Here's my list of chores in case you are curious. I have to Clean two litterboxes sweep the stairs make my bed get dressed brush my hair vacume clean my room clean the bathroom every Monday and I think that's about it! Well I gotta go now cause my dad wants me to go to the Post Office with him. Toodles! (eeyore)



Today, today today today TODAY. Today was stressful and good all mixed into one! At first we (me my mom and me bro) went to Ikea to look at furniture, THEN we spent the rest of the day at home! I've been VERY irratated today >:{ I think I'm having a growth spurt or something cause I've been eating alot lately... ?:I iiiinteresting... Well my cousing Kyler is coming over (Should've been here at 7:30) and his dad Joe, So I got to go now! Bye Bye! (P.S the picture above is Patrick hands from Spongebob Squarepants)



Today's Monday. The working day of the week. I'm not excited about it and I'm pretty tired. I guess I should get going now, I've got a busy day ahead of me and so I guess I don't want to get behind. I haven't written in my blog for a while and so I thought that this would be a good time to get on it and start writing so, see ya for now! ( I feel like Eeyore.)



Today me and my mom went to Gardner Village, It was decorated cutely for Halloween! I got a new shirt today too at Ross. Above is my cat Angel, She's a one person cat and I'm the one person she likes! I'll tell you her story. Me and my Mom were driving home from Costco one Winter day and there were two kittens sitting in the gutter, they were about to run across the street but we drove past and they veered back, my Mom stopped and we got out to try and catch them so that they wouldn't get hit, so we caught Angel (above) and her sister Noelle (still shy above) of course didn't want to be caught so we gave a little chase for her, We have both cats right now and six more. Well that's the story of my cat Angel! Noelle is the one on top and Angel is the one on bottom.


Yay!! I finally figured out how to post pictures! Here is a picture of my dog Dodger and me. I've got a headache today, I don't know why but I just feel kinda off. I'm going to take some pain medication pretty soon, I hope that this blog will work out for me and that I don't forget about it (like I do my Journals), OK now I'm going to take some pain medication cause my headaches getting REALLY bad! Anyways ttyl

There's me! In my new Fashionable Witch hat! It's sideways I know just tilt you're head and you will be fine! I'll keep you updated on the pics!


My New Blog!

Here's my new blog! The website is www.kayleesthoughts-helpanimals.blogspot.com REALLY long I have no clue of how I am going to remember that whole thing! Anyways this will be a website where I will express my feelings and the hard times me and my Family go through. I want this to be an online Journal for me, and writing it down and keeping it secret in my Journal just didn't work for me, So hopefully this new blog will work! My Family of four, (including me) I'm going to try to get pictures of all of them and put them on here, my dad, Jeff, my mom, Kim, my brother, Brit and me as the youngest, Kaylee. I'm taking picture all over, Haha dogs cats Family ETC. ETC. Anyways! Let me know what you think of my new Blog! Toodles!