Another post...

Welllllll, II thought you would like to hear what is going on 'round here... mmmmmm? That's what I thought... Well, starting with Mondays, Sometimes Brit has teen group on Mondays, and we ha to run him to that, and that' about it for Mondays, Tuesdays we don't really have anything going on, Wednesdays are the same, But Thursdays are a whole different story! I have an art class from 9-10:30, and then I have violin from 10:45 to 11:15, and THEN me and Brit have a Spanish class from 12-1. Thursday mornings are pretty busy! And Friday, we don't usually have anything going on, maybe a movie or something, and my dad usually gets work off. Which ROCKS!! tonight we are going to see Angels and Demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIII AAAAAAAAMMMMMMM WWWWAAAAAYYYY EEXXXXXXXCCCCIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD!!!! I loooooooved the book, and I am hoping they did not change it to much. (shaking fist) And the weekend, we can do whatev, I like the weekend! sooo, that's about it!


Hi, I have a few questions... Does any one know of any motivation to eat well? I hate feeling crummy and down. Here is basically my diet so far...

Half of a grapefruit
boiled egg
whatever we can grab, bagel with cream cheese, Hamburger, whatever
Cafe trang, wingers, whatever take out.

Let me know what I could take away. This morning I don't feel to great, and I WANT to feel full of energy, and happy. Any suggestions? Thanks!!(all comments appreciated, because I don't get comments anymor ?:/???)


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

Well, I didn't actually commit a crime or anything, haha, but in my book, yes, I sinned. Don't worry though!! All is well, and I should probably drag this suspense on for a veeeery long time. HA! You thought I would didn't you! HA! Fooled once more on Kaylee's blog, BAHHAHAHAAHAHA!! Anyways, I should probably cut to the meat, don't you think? Right right, what was I saying? Ohhh riiight. Siins. That's it. Alright. Well, today was a good day,(inmybook) me and my daddy went to brunch at a delicious place called Britton's, across the street from Movies 9, it was delicious! and I am on a new diet, NO WAIT!! IT'S NOT A DIET!!! They are guidelines. there, I feel better. (sigh) any whooo, I cannot have meat, as little dairy as possible lots of fruits and veggies, and as few sugars and fats as possible. I got sick in California when we went to Disneyland in March, and haven't really gotten better. Soooo I am trying to eat healthy, to be healthy! So I got the southwest omelet, which was pretty healthy, and deeeelicious, and I started my guidelines yesterday, and I have been full of energy, but the detox is NOT fun! Then, me and my mommy went shopping at Old Baby, you know, cause of the whole puberty thing, I am growing like a weed!(but a pretty weed, like morning glory, not one of those thorny weeds, those are a pain in the garden!) So I had to go through my wardrobe and take out more than half of my clothes! That's inthane!! I know I know. So now I have more than one pair of jeans, and a few more tank tops and shorts! I even got a T-shirt! I know!! I am not really a T-shirt girl, but I looooved this one, and it's sooo comfy! It has a picture of a milkshake on it, and it says, 'What's Shakin'?' I loooooove it! I am wearing it right now in fact, and soo only $1000!! oh wait, one extra 0 there, teehee! Then, we came home, tried stuff on, OH! I also learned how to rig decoys! It was very fun to do with my dad. We were fast too! Me and my mom also went to Barnes and Nobles to get some books. I got Dear Dumb Diary, #8 and #9. So I will have to read them. I am also reading The Da Vinci Code, and The Historian. I can't read The Historian at night because it is to scary, heehee! And then, this post FINALLY gets good, (twilight zone music, da na na na da na na na) earlier tonight, I went over to my Grandma's and Grandpa's, and I forgot to eat dinner! Oooohhh nooooo!! So I'm sitting there thinking, what could I have that's fairly healthy. Look in the snack drawer, Maybe an Oreo or two, or three, or four, GIMME THE WHOLE BOX!!! (eating like an animal that hasn't eaten for three days) (okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating haha) anyways. I have sinned, (inmybook) and Father, please, forgive me.

In other news, I am writing a new book, and it is about Princess Aroya, who will have to become queen at age fourteen. I will post another time about it.