Hey! I'm back! yay! anyway, I thought I would catch everyone up on what's going on in life. Well, This weekend, we did alot of yard work, ALOT! Me and Brit had Easter break this past week, and it's back to "school" again! We take quite a few classes in building in draper. On Tuesdays, we have Shakespeare, and History, On Wednesday, we have communications, then I have Cinematography, art, then violin. On Thursdays, we have Dance, and Physics/astronomy. Me and Brit are both in A Midsummer Night's Dream, I am Puck, and Brit is King Oberon. THEN, we are going to be in a dance recital in May. Then I have a Violin concert in June. Wow! We are busy! Me and my Mom have two pregnant goats that are going to have babies soon, and I am getting braces on the 19th! And my Dad is giving a go at sewing! It is quite funny to watch! (no offence Dad!) It is quite hard to juggle everything! Somehow we all get through it. Thanks for listening! ToOdLeS!