Today has been a very busy day today, because we have been preparing to go Arizona. We had three visitors today. This morning, I woke up at my usual time, 9:30 am. and I went downstairs and started to work. So today we cleaned the big room, kitchen, all the bathrooms, my room, Brit's room, and Mama Kitty's ears. We also packed the trailer most of the way. We had my aunt Kara and her boys come over today, and we had my mom's friend Mark, and his wife Susan, and they're kids come over, and tonight, my uncle Scott came over. It was a good visit with everyone, and I am glad I got to see everyone one last time before we leave. Sorry this post isn't very enthusiastic, but frankly, I am very tired :^). also, this is my one hundred billionth post!! no I am kidding. Only my one hundredth post. OH JOY!!!!!

Love you all!!!




Well, today as you probably know, 'tis Christmas!! So I just wanted to post about what I got!

Well, last night at Grandma's I got a cookbook with little silicone cupcake cups! It has lots of recipes, not just for cupcakes! also I got $25 bucks, some really soft fuzzy slipper/socks that are very cute! They have little sheep heads on them! I love them a ton! Then, she also gave me some High School Musical nail polish and lip gloss!! Thanks a ton Gramma!! Also, last night, me and Brit got to open our slippers! I LOOOOVE mine! They are made out of the socks that you make sock monkeys with, and they have a very cute sock monkey face on them!!! I love them so very very much!

This morning, I got a very cute pig, that turns into a pillow, and that is good for traveling. She is very very soft!! I named her 'Butta'. Then, I got some really cute socks that are very fuzzy! They are black, with a red heel, and red toes, and the have candy canes on them! My mom gave me a warriors book, it is comics and it is the new one! It is about Tigerstar and Sasha. You probably don't know what I'm talking about but that's okay. My dad gave me the 2-disc special edition Mama Mia!! I hope we get to watch it today because I really liked it in the theater! My mom also gave me a super cute frog necklace! It is sooo cute because it has little gemstones to make the frog green!! Now my brother, gave me three things. Picture this, one big box, taped up with packaging tape, I open that, see three other boxes covered in packaging tape, So I open one, it's Dental Floss. What are you implying Brit? So I open the next one, a potato. heee hee ha haa. So I open the final one, (this is good!!) and it's a crumb scraper!! I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE CRUMB SCRAPERS!!!! IT'S GOLD AND BLACK AND TOTALLLLLY AWESOME!!!! And my dad, he gave me a Minnie Mouse DISNEYLAND season pass ticket!!!!! THANKS SO MUC!!!!!

So those are my Christmas gifts! Thanks so much everbody!!!!!!!!



Well, Today I figured out that I have a pretty beat up leg, And it all started yesterday...(Imagine me telling a story in a big huge chair by a fireplace, and bookshelf's!:))

Well it started off in the morning, me doing my chores, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have to vacuum the kitchen floor. So when it comes to that chore, It takes a little bit of preparation. I have to pick up the garbage pieces that are to big for the little vacuum, and I have to pick up the cords that might be laying on the ground from our little Christmas villages, and I have to pick up the rugs and shake them, and then last, I have to take the chairs into the dining room, So I pick up my dad's chair and start walking towards the dining room, take a step forward, and SMACK! My ankle hits the leg of the chair, now this is the part of the ankle where the bone sticks out, you know what I am talking about! So I set the chair down, I'm holding my breath without realizing it, and sit down. It's kinda like those injuries, where you are with someone, and you just sit there, and they are like, 'Are you okay? what happened?' and you're in lots of pain thinking, 'Just shut up for a sec K?' So I wait a bit and it feels alot better, luckily, and just keep moving the chairs, vacuum, and I'm done! Now, later that day, I had just done some laundry for me, my mom, and my dad. So it gets done in the dryer, and I start folding. Now my dad has a pair of pants, with the belt built in, and my dad doesn't really like wrinkles in his pants. So of course we get used to wringing out his pants, So I take those, with the belt built in, and fling them in the air, and bring them down, well, the belt buckle, hits me in the right knee. So I double over in pain, start the tears, and my mom comes over and lets me know that those pants have done it to her a ton of times. So my dad comes in and gets angry at the pants (who wouldn't be?? I know I was!!) and helps me sit down in a recliner. Then, Lo and behold, my mom cuts the belt out of the pants!! Yay!! So now I have a bruise on my ankle, and my knee. So the next day, Tuesday of course, I have fitness, So I am a little worried how my knee is gonna do, and it does fine. But, We get home and of course, me and my mom have to feed the animals. It's a dread in the winter so we try to get it done as quick and painlessly as possible. So we go out, and my mom usually hands me the hay, and I give it to the horses in their stalls, So I take Beau's hay to Beau, (ironic isn't it?) and she and my brother had just recently attached feeders for the hay to go into, which involves screws. So I take it over, and there is a screw sticking out of the stall. and I jab my right thigh into it. Now it wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't already had to bruises on that leg. So we start walking in, and I take my boots of and walk towards the door, and Jasmine rams into my leg. Dumb dog.

So that is the story, of Kaylee, and her leg.




Yes, my dad did get a new toy, and frankly, I think this is one of my favorites that he's gotten! He came home Monday night, and said, 'I got a new toy!' So I'm thinking, it's probably just some geeky thing (sorry dad, it's true) but I really like it! Sitting on his desk was a teeny tiny laptop! He said he would use it for traveling to Arizona! Perfect right?! Well it gets even better! He said I could use it until Arizona!!! AWESOME!!! I love it so very very much!! Thanks dad for the awesome new toy! (even though it's not mine)

P.S the picture above is a Eee laptop compared to a nintendo DS.