Well it looks like I got tagged by my mom for the Crazy Eights Tag, So... Here it goes.

Eight favorite t.v. shows

The Office
My Name Is Earl
CSI (the Las Vegas one)
Spongebob Squarepants
The Mighty Bee
American Gladiators
Little People Big World

Eight Favorite Restaurants

Chez Betty
Cafe Trang
The Melting Pot
Pasta Jay's
Cafe Rio
Blue Bayou
Gual Bertos

Eight things I did yesterday

Dropped Brit off at Debate class
Read the Secret Life of Bees
Took a nap (little one)
Waited for Angel to come out of hiding
Went to K-mart for halloween stuff
Tried on my eighties pop star costume
Watched Andrew Zimmern

Eight things I love about fall

The smells
All the fresh harvest foods
The turning leaves
The Temps!!
Taking beautiful Pics
The Leaves
Mine and my Dad's B-days

Eight things I'm looking forward to

Our next family vacation
Getting into better shape
Arizona baby!
Going to "The Secret Life of Bees" with my Mom
My dad's birthday
Hannukah (jk)
The presidential election (OBAMA)

Eight things on my wish list

A healthy family
More simplicity
No more Global warming (I do believe in it, But I want it to go away. Make a difference people)
A good singing voice
For everyone to be happy
Happiness for the world
Peep Pee

Eight people I tag

I'm not going to tag anyone because everyone that i know has been tagged.



Hey, I know it's early, and I know I haven't posted in a while, but here you go. Happy?? Lol just kidding. So, here is a halloween poem.

The orange glow cast across our faces,
It is Midnight on Halloween Night,
We carry our treat bags, already half full with candy,
The house ahead is dark as the sky, and we approach cautiously,
Ding dong, rings the doorbell, and the door creaks open,
Standing in front of us is a headless man,
He is dressed in black, with a red bowtie,
We run screaming into the night, hoping he would not follow,
We stop and look behind us and se my brother laughing in the door,
That was a nasty trick.

Haha, that just came off the top of my head right now. Ding! Well, for Halloween, I am going to be an 80's pop/rockstar! Kinda between, Madonna, and Joan Jett. Here is what I am going to be wearing. Black and white checkered leggings, Short denim mini skirt, high heel boots, or flats, belt off one hip, tank top, and shirt with quarter sleeves, one sleeve slung off one shoulder, red lipstick, blue mascara, green nails, hair crimped with purple streaks all on one side, like the pic above, fingerless fishnet gloves, pink and white, multi colored plastic bangles, and that's all I can think of right this second. What are YOU going to be??