Hey, I know I should be posting about Christmas, and all that jazz, but I only have a couple of minutes. And Christmas was GREAT!!!!!!!!

anywhooo, I am posting about my pets!!

Angel is a sassamafrass!! She is always getting into fights with Dill, meowing for attention, sticking her butt in my face, you know, typical cat stuff. But Angel is so sweet to me. I love that cat soo much! Whenever I am laying in bed, She comes up and licks my face, and lays with me, and makes me feel safe! I love her so much.
Kelli is probably one of the sweetest cats I have ever met. She is mentally retarded, but I still love her very very very much! She always gives me loves, and snuggles up with me at night to keep me warm(she is quite fat!), she is my doll, my darling, she is so sweet.
Beau, my pony. What an attitude! That little pony has an attitude as big as the sky! He is so sweet though, and loves attention! He thinks he is the king of the castle, and really, he is! He loves to boss Ginger around, and feel all mighty!
Ginger is my other pony. She is so sweet, and alot like Eeyore. I love her though, she is my sweet girl, my Ginger. She is the best riding pony, although she is lazy, and cuts corners whenever she can! She is a crackup!
My goats are sweet, loveable, and tiny! We have three Nigerian Dwarfs, Riot, our very sweet, and stinky buck. Lucy, our people shy, crazy, loud doe, and Suzie, our sweet compassionate doe, who loves people.
Autumn is my chicken. She is sooo sweet to us, and loves to be picked up. She is Rhode Island Red, and is a doll! We have two other RIR, Honey and Fern, and we have three Australorps. Our Rooster, Rossi, and two hens, Cruella, and Morticia.
ah Jasmine, she is as sweet as she can be, but she was abused for the first five years of her life. She has a hard time accepting, and giving affection. and hates loud noises. She is so sweet though, and I love her so much!
Kiwi is the sweetest bird in the world! I call him BB (short for Baby Boy) cause he is the most adorable baby boy in the world! He loves to whistle, and get mad at his toys, his favorite color is Purple, and he hates it when I type on the computer. He gets very very mad at my fingers! His favorite bands are, The contours, Green Day, Shinedown, most Disney songs, and The Andy Griffith Show theme! He loves to poop on my desk, and clean my teeth, he likes to be scratched on his head, and whistle. He chews on everything he can(including my keys on my keyboard...) and likes to monkey around and be silly! He is my sweet baby boy!



How come no one really comments on my blog anymore??



Dill. Definition: stinker, cutie pie, pain in the butt, comforter, family. Dill is a stinker. Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. Dill likes to chew things. Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn't. Yesterday night. Dill was extra bad. When we got home, we saw him chewing on some sudephedrin. My dad takes sudephedrin to cure his bad sinuses. They had to make sudephedrin and over the counter medicine, because people were giving it to their children, and accidentally overdosing them. We got the packet from Dill, and saw that there was only one left in the packet. He had one in his mouth. We didn't know if he had gotten any, or if he had, how many he had gotten. My Mom researched about what happens if your dog eats it, and it can be fatal. We called the vet, and took him in right away. They told us they were going to induce vomiting, and give him activated charcoal to soak up any of the sudephedrin that may already be in his intestines, and told us that we could run some errands for a little bit, and come back in an hour. Well, we went home and we got Brit, so that we could find him a winter coat. We were headed to Sports Authority when my Mom got a call. It was the vet. She told us that he had eaten a few pills, and that one pill was fatal. She told us that we could take him to an animal emergency clinic, where he would get the most aggressive treatment. He would have to stay over night. She said, he still might not make it. After hearing this, we picked up Dill, not knowing if this was the last time we were going to see him or not, and headed to the animal emergency clinic. They took him in, and the family sat. And waited. They told us he was doing much better than they thought, and they let us know that we could say goodnight. We walked into the place where they were keeping him, and he had IVs, and things stuck to his chest. He had a big cloth wrapped around his neck, holding a monitoring system. Dill was distressed. We had to say goodbye, hoping we would see him tomorrow, knowing we would not be able to sleep, and left. We went home, got some dinner, and hoped for the best, hoping for little ten pound Dill to pull through. We slept. The next morning my Mom got a call. Dill made it. He made it through the night. We were so happy. If Dill had died, the world as we know it would have shattered for us. I was overjoyed. Dill. Definition: Alive.