Wow, Thanksgiving must be one of my favorite holidays. All the food, family, but most of all, the FOOD! I love the turkey, the stuffing, the root vegetables, yams, pie.... I could go on and on! I look forward to it every year, and this year we will be in Arizona! I can't wait to bake pies, and yams, and turkey turkey turkey! Usually I am a fairly strict vegetarian, but during thanksgiving, that all goes out the window! I love to bake, for one thing, so if I am given the excuse to bake something, then boy oh boy will I bake it! Cookies, cakes, pies, anything that goes in the oven, I like to cook. And I have two aprons. One is a full body apron, that my Grandma Diane made for me, and it is SOOOO cute! I love it to death. I got it for my birthday this year! My other apron is a half apron that my Grandma Kay bought for me at Gardner Village! It is off white on one side, and the other side is white, with green and blue eggs on it. Then there is a blue/green/orange stripe going down the middle, and the pockets are way cute. OH and on the white side, it says Rise and Shine! It is my cleaning apron. Today I am feeling better, and I think I got whatever it was out of my system. Yay! Now we have a lot to do today, because my mom has her book group tonight. Should be fun! They read Little Britches. She is gonna make Chicken Dumpling Soup, Brandied Carrots, Custard Cream Pie, and, I think that's it. Should be fun! Me and my dad and brother are gonna go to dinner while she is having it. Well, There's a lot of work to do! I should be able to post again tomorrow.