Where you sit around and never get dressed or brush you're hair? Well today was half of one of those days. We started off by getting up at about 8:30, and had to clean the house because we had a showing for the house. Then we sat around, watched football, and my mom and me started putting our cute little Christmas village. We got almost done, and I hear my mom say, 'Kaylee!!', so I run to the scene and my mom shows me a whole bunch more Christmas houses! So now we have Christmas houses in our living room, and our kitchen. Then my bro, and Joe, brought the Christmas tree up from out of the deep dark dungeon(basement) and centered it in our front living room window. Then, my mom started cooking our Thanksgiving turkey, that we forgot to bake 2 days ago. Then we started making the feast to go with it. We had, Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, apple cider, rolls, stuffing, and now I am waiting for the pumpkin pie to cook.





Well the other day I got a new webkinz for $16.01 at F.Y.E, From a gift card I got for my birthday from my friend Alyssa. Guess what I got?

A Bulldog! She is so cute! I named her Amber and she is getting along very well with Floppy and Izzie. I got her a cute floppy hat, and a kilt, and a yellow tank top. She is adorable!! I love her.


Official Let it Snow Crochet Outerwear information

Hi, I have decided how much my scarfs will be, and I am also selling beanies. I will give you a paper where you can choose what color of yarn you would like, how long you would like it to be. Or if you want a beanie, you can let me know. Each scarf will be $7.00 in labor, plus the price of the yarn. Then when I am done with you're scarf/beanie, I will give you a receipt, and ask for you're signature, and you have a brand new, hand made scarf! Thanks




Well, this year it has been cold early, and I was thinking, maybe people would like hand made scarfs! I am really getting into crocheting, so if you would like a scarf, or a beanie, I would be happy to make you one! If you want one, leave a comment, and I will give you a paper that you can fill out with what you want. I will price them as soon as someone takes action.





Well, tonight I am going to my first real concert!! We are going to see Metallica in approximatley, maybe 2 hours, and I am WAY excited. I have never been to a concert before so I am a little nervous of how I am going to react. Plus, today my head has been really fuzzy, so I don't think that really loud screeching is going to help. I'm gonna bring earphones though because that is just the right thing to do. lol. Anyways, The songs I hop they play are... All nightmare long, The Judas Kiss, THe unforgiven 3, Ride the lightning, Master of puppets, um... Enter Sandman, and those are all my fave Metallica songs... Wish me luck!!!