I have been tagged, Thanks Mom, I really appreciate it. (note the sarcasm) I'm supposed to list seven things about myself that are quite weird, and then tag 7 other people who have blogs! So here are the rules. #1 Link to the person that tagged you. #2 Post the rules on your blog. #3 Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. #4 Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. #5 Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.

Ok so here it goes...

#1 I love ANYTHING that has to do with pirate's! Whether it's the movie or Blackbeard!

#2 I have two very different moods! One is sweet and happy and skippy, the other is kind of rocker, skully type thing!

#3 I have tried the raw diet! (If you haven't heard of it look it up on Google)

#4 I like to read adult/teenager books, Right now I am reading Pendragon which is really good!

#5 I can't stand it if my hair is just a little bit off when we go somewhere out of the house

#6 I am really good at Guitar Hero and Rock Band! I am on expert on Rock Band and I am almost done with hard on Guitar Hero!

#7 I can talk to cats!! Like I said with my Jenna post I love cats!! I have two special cats, one is Mentally Retarted and is very fat! The other is a one person cat that only likes me!!

Ok everyone who I know has been tagged... So I'm gonna tag them again!! AND they have to put new facts about themselves!!! :P

I tag... My mom! http://www.we4bs.blogspot.com/ Jeni! http://www.woodardfamily.blogspot.com/ Brit! http://www.britaags-thoughts.blogspot.com/ Megan! http://www.meganplainandtall.blogspot.com/ aaaand! SAMMY!!! http://www.sammysam-sammysam.blogspot.com/ I don't know anyone else's blog so that's all I can put on!!



I'm writing a book!

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let everyone know about the book that I am writing!! I have copied and pasted it into here and I understand if you can't read it all at once. I am going to just show you what I have writting so far!

Midnight Ride

One sunny morning Jessy woke up early before her family. She went down stairs to eat some breakfast. Once she had cooked her egg and toasted her bread she started to eat. She was startled by a low grunt that came from the garden, she looked out the window to see a unicorn browsing among the garden. She ran upstairs into her sisters room. "Sally!" she called "There's a Unicorn in the garden!" she shouted, "Ugh go away" she mumbled "I'm serious!" Jessy shouted back, "Fine" she said "I'll go tell Jacob, he will care." So Jessy set off into Jacob's room "Jacob! There is a Unicorn in the back yard!" she said "Shut up." Jessy's feelings were hurt. She went back down stairs to see if the Unicorn was still there. The black Unicorn was still there and was now eating tulips. She slowly opened the back door and walked towards the Unicorn, "Easy girl" she said softly to the Unicorn, "It's ok I'm not going to hurt you" The Unicorn had a long curly Black mane and a beautiful white glowing horn, she was black like the night sky and had sparkles on her like the stars. Jessy picked a tulip and held it out flat on her hand for the Unicorn. The Unicorn cautiously inched forward and took the tulip from Jessy. "Good girl" she said softly, she put her hand up to touch the Unicorn's face. The unicorn let Jessy touch her, "I'll call you Midnight" she said happily. Midnight layed down on the grass, and Jessy asked "Do you want me to ride you?" The unicorn whinnied and signaled with her head towards her back, "Ok" said Jessy nervously as she slowly walked towards Midnight's back. She cautiously sat on Midnight. Midnight stood up and started to gallop, "Woah! Slow down!" Jessy called but Midnight kept running. Jessy could start to hear water running louder and louder as she grew closer to a large canopy of trees. Then through the canopy of trees was a beautiful waterfall and lake. Midnight was running towards the water and once they were almost about to run into the water Midnight swerved to the left and headed up to the waterfall. Once they were almost there Midnight slowed to a trot. Midnight walked right through the waterfall getting her and Jessy wet. Jessy yelped as the cold water hit her body and then was silenced by the beautiful rock cove behind the water. Jessy was speechless at the beautiful unicorns eating flowers and drinking the crystal clear water. A gray unicorn with a faded white horn and a beautiful yet snarly mane looked up. "I thought I told you not to bring humans to our land" he said in a weak voice. "She is our chosen one" said Midnight, "She knows my name". Jessy was staring wide eyed at the talking unicorns. "B-But you're unicorns! Unicorns can't talk!" said Jessy startled, "There are many things you humans don't know about unicorns" Midnight said in a beautiful voice, "Why am I the chosen one? What is the chosen one?" Jessy demanded, "Ah yes" Midnight sighed, "Of course it needs explaining" The old gray unicorn looked agitated. "How do you know she is the chosen one?" He asked in a weak voice, "What is you're name?" Jessy asked the gray Unicorn, "My name is Ice" He said confidently, "Leader of Unicorn Land." "Unicorn Land? What are you talking about? Am I dreaming?" Asked Jessy puzzled, "No you aren't dreaming dude, this is all real life" said a dark blue unicorn, "Oh and by the way my name is Wave, sweeeet huh" Jessy just stared wide eyed at the unicorn named Wave, "Jessy" Midnight's call startled her, "Apparently you need some explaining about us and our world. Please come with me." Jessy nodded once and followed Midnight. Midnight led her through a canopy of leaves strung together on what looked like Unicorn hair, into a cave with a hole in the roof where light soaked in and brightened the room, there was moss on the floor that looked like a bed and a little hole in the rock which held water, the crystal clear water wich was falling from the waterfall and that was in the stream that flowed through Unicorn Land. "Jessy" Midnight said gently, "Are you ready to for this?" she asked gently, "Y-Yes I think so" Jessy stuttered, "Ok" Midnight continued, "Many years ago a Unicorn was born. His name was Fire. He was creater of Unicorn Land. He found a mate and and they had children. Fire is Ice's grandfather. Fire was a beautiful red unicorn and lived many years. He passed away about fifty years ago for humans, for unicorns it was only fifty days ago. We age slowly and that gives us strength to fight the dragons and griffins." Midnight explained, "Wait what? Dragons? You fight dragons?!" Asked Jessy amazed. "Yes dear one, we do. You are the chosen one because I am a unicorn that can read thoughts and I have read your dreams while you sleep. You dream of helping unicorns and living among them. Now is the time that you can fulfill that dream." Midnight said in her perfect voice, "So I can live my dream here?" Asked Jessy confused, "Yes you can, you can live among the unicorns and you can help us during battle. There was another chosen one and his name was Sam, but Sam gave up on us and he never came back. You can choose to stay with us or you can leave and never come back. But you must know one thing, the maximum age limit is ten, you are at your maximum age limit. Once you turn eleven then you will not be able to hear us unless you decide to stay with us in Unicorn Land. You must decide now." Jessy thought for a moment and then decided, "I have decided, I want to go home and be with my family." She announced, "As you wish" Midnight sighed, It pained Jessy to see how much pain she caused for Midnight, "I'm sorry" she said, "It is not you're fault dear one, It is mine, It is just that my father is fighting infection from a dragon attack, their salyva causes infection." Midnight said sadly, "I'm so sorry" Jessy said, "Come, we must get you home." Midnight laid down again and Jessy sat on top of her again. Midnight was walking towards the waterfall when she stopped and said "You will not be able to hear my when we go through the water fall" she said, "Ok thank you for the warning" said Jessy, Midnight walked through the waterfall and headed back the same route that they came but instead of galloping this time she was just walking. They were almost to Jessy's house when a police car went speeding down the street in front of Jessy's house. That startled Midnight and she started galloping back towards Unicorn Land. "No!! Stop Midnight stop!!" She screamed and Midnight slowed down. "What the heck were you doing?!" She yelled at Midnight, Midnight only whinnied appolagetically and started back towards Jessy's house. Once they were there Midnight layed down again and let her off. Jessy dismounted and Midnight stood up again, "Goodbye Midnight" she whispered, "I'll miss you" Jessy gave Midnight a kiss on the nose and headed into her house. Everything was quite. She went upstairs and everyone was still sleeping except for her dad who had gone to work early. Jessy looked out the window of her room and just barely saw the tip of Midnight's tail dissapear into the canopy of trees. Jessy realized what she had just done. She was the only hope for Midnight's father to be saved, she was the only hope that more unicorns wouldn't die from dragon bites, she was the only hope for the unicorns. Jessy hurried and undressed from her pajamas and put jeans and a red T-shirt on and ran back downstairs. She left a note for her parents saying that she was running away and would never come back, and she ran out the back door. She was calling "Midnight wait!" over and over again. She barged through the canopy of trees towards the lake and the waterfall and took a left and headed up towards the water fall. She tried pushed through the waterfall but it was just rock. She walked back from the waterfall and sat down. She started to cry, she must have been dreaming, she must have. And then the canopy of trees rustled. Midnight pushed through looking sad. "Midnight?! Midnight!!" called Jessy, Midnight looked up and started galloping towards her, "Oh Midnight!! I tried to go into unicorn land but there was only rock!" Midnight layed down and signaled for Jessy to get onto her back. Jessy obeyed and Midnight walked towards the waterfall. She pushed through and there it was. There was Unicorn Land. "Midnight!" Jessy sighed, "Jessy, I thought you did not want to come back!" Midnight said, "I was the only hope for you though!! You need help for you're father and and so many other things Midnight!" Jessy jumped off of midnight and kissed her face. "I missed you" Midnight said, "You are like a child to me." Midnight said, "Oh Midnight, how come I couldn't get into Unicorn Land?!" Jessy asked, " You must be touching a unicorn to enter or you will only hit rock." Midnight said, "Why didn't you tell me?" asked Jessy, "So that you couldn't come back." Midnight confessed, "H-How dare you! I thought you liked me!" Sobbed Jessy, "Jessy you are like a child to me and I only wanted what was best for you. I thought you wanted to be with your family." Midnight said, "Oh Midnight, I am so sorry." Jessy cried, "Don't worry dear child, You are welcome back, we will make you a cave. I must tell Ice to get some unicorns working." Midnight said, "Ok Midnight, I will stay here." Jessy sat down on a rock that was perfect for sitting on and looked around at Unicorn Land. There was a small waterfall flowing, smaller than the one outside at least, and then there was a stream that led from the water fall to the outside, there were tulips and roses and dafodils and petunias everywhere growing straight from the rock, there was moss covering the walls, perfect for bedding, and there were grass patches growing from the rock. Jessy realized that the caves that were in Unicorn Land were not natural. They were made by the unicorns that lived here. They were going to make one for her. She found spotted the nursery where the mother unicorns would have their foals and where they would keep their foals. She also spotted the elders cave, where the old unicorns would go when they retired. And she also spotted Midnight's den, she was surprised she remembered where it was with all the caves with the same canopy of leaves all over. Jessy was getting used to it all ready. Then she saw everyone rush into the elders cave, she heard a cry of pain and then a sob, Jessy got up and headed over towards the elders cave, opened the canopy of leaves and saw midnight laying down next to another unicorn. He looked alot like Midnight except he did not have stars on him. Jessy then realized that the unicorn Midnight was laying by was her father. Jessy rushed over to her and sat next to her. "What stops infection?!" Midnight asked frantically, "Um... I think Burdock Root" Jessy said "Yes that's it Burdock root!" she said, "Wave go with Jessy to get some Burdock Root! And hurry back!" said Midnight, "Yes Ma'am!" said Wave, Wave layed down and Jessy sat on him like she has many times with Midnight. "Ok hold on dude!" Said Wave as he galloped out of Unicorn Land and down to the lake, "We can find Burdock root in dry places." said Jessy, Wave whinnied as he galloped towards a field with yellow grass in it, Wave layed down and Jessy got off and started to search frantically. Finally she found Burdock and dug up the roots, the roots looked like tiny brown carrots. She told Wave and they started to head back to Unicorn land. Once they had crossed the waterfall Jessy jumped off Wave, and washed off the roots. She heard another cry of pain and ran to the elders cave. Inside was Ice, Midnight, Wave, a Light blue horse and a dark gray horse and Midnight's dad. She asked Midnight to chew them to a pulp and put it on the wound. Midnight obeyed and rubbed the poultice on his back leg. Midnight's dad sighed in relief. "Jessy" he said weakly, "Thank you so much for you help." He gasped "My name is Sky, I am Midnight's father." He wheezed, "It is nice to meet you Sky, I will do all I can to help you and your daughter." said Jessy, Sky nodded once and then started to breath normally. Sky fell asleep and Midnight stood up and walked towards Jessy, "Jessy, Thank you, all of the Unicorns in Unicorn land thank you." said Midnight, she put her head down so Jessy could hug her. "I would like to introduce you to my Mother" she turned to the light blue horse and introduced her, "Jessy this is my mother Cloud, mother, this is the chosen one Jessy." said Midnight, Jessy did a bow of her head, and Cloud said "Jessy, I want to thank you for saving my mate, I will never forget that." Cloud bowed and Jessy curtsied. Midnight layed down so that Jessy could ride her, Jessy obeyed and climbed on, and led her to a group of unicorns, one was red, and was purple and the other was green, Jessy jumped off of Midnight so that Midnight could introduce the unicorns to her. The first one she introduced to was called Flame, he was the red one. "Flame, this is Jessy, Jessy, this is Flame." said Midnight, "Nice to meet you" said Flame, "You too" said Jessy, Then Midnight introduced to her the purple one. "Lilac, this is Jessy, Jessy this is Lilac." said Midnight, "Well aren't you the cutest thing we have seen in days!" said Lilac "Thank you!" said Jessy, next she introduced the green one, "Forest, this is Jessy, Jessy this is Forest." said Midnight, "Welcome to Unicorn Land" said Forest, "Thank you" said Jessy, Midnight layed down again and Jessy climbed back on. This time Jessy led her to a cave. The door was barely big enough for Midnight to fit in and the room was unusaully small for a horse. Midnight layed down so Jessy could get off. "This is you're cave" said Midnight, "No way! Thank you so much!!" said Jessy "You are welcome" "Wait a second, How did you make it so quickly?" asked Jessy "We are unicorns you know, We have horns." said Midnight, "Oh, right I forgot." Jessy said embarassed. "I must go check on my father, You can make yourself right at home." said Midnight, "Where do I get bedding?" asked Jessy, "You can get moss off the walls" Midnight said, "Ok thanks!" Jessy started to gather moss from the walls outside. Once Jessy had enough she started to make it into a comfortable bed. Once she was done with that she picked some flowers to decorate her walls with. Jessy just thought of something, how was she going to eat? She frantically ran towards the elders cave and asked Midnight how she was going to eat, "Don't worry dear one, I can cast a spell on you so that you can eat flowers and grass and drink the water that flows from the waterfall." said Midnight, "Oh thank you Midnight!" said Jessy. Night time came and Jessy was hungry. "Midnight?" she said, "When are you going to cast that spell on me?" she asked, "I can do it right now if you'd like!" she said happily, "I would like that" said Jessy, "Ok here it goes, Osmosis Phermone!" She shouted. Suddenly, Jessy felt light headed and tired. "Midnight, is it unusual if you feel light headed and tired?" she asked weakly, "That is all normal, don't worry about a thing." she said, Jessy felt normal now, she wasn't craving spagghetti anymore, instead she wanted tulips. She walked outside of her cave and looked for a tulip garden to satisfy her hunger. She found a couple of tulips but she was nervous to try them. "Midnight?" she asked nervously, "What do they taste like?" she asked, "They are the sweetest flower of all and are a unicorn delacacy" Midnight said. Jessy cautiously picked one and nibbled on one of the petals, "Mmmm that is good!!" she said excited, she popped the rest in her mouth and picked another. "I thought you might like it" said Midnight, once Jessy was satisfied she headed over to the stream to take a drink. The water was fresh and cool in her mouth, "This is the best water I have ever tasted!!" said Jessy, "I'm glad you are happy." said Midnight. Jessy yawned, "Are you tired?" asked Midnight, "Yeah my bedtime is nine fifteen." said Jessy, "Ok I'll take you to you're cave" said Midnight, Midnight layed down and Jessy climbed on her back. Once they were at her cave Midnight layed down and Jessy got off, and Midnight followed her into her cave. "Good night, Sleep tight" Midnight said softly, Jessy was already asleep. Jessy had a dream of the unicorns fighting dragons and Ice was carried off by a dragon, she woke up in the night screaming, Midnight came in startled "I just had a nightmare that's all." said Jessy, "Would you like it if I stayed in with you tonight?" asked Midnight, "That would be nice, Thank you" said Jessy, Midnight layed down next to Jessy, "Hey I thought that horses slept standing up" said Jessy, "That is horses, we are unicorns." said Midnight, "Oh right." said Jessy. Jessy fell asleep and had a more pleasent dream, Jessy and Midnight were playing hide and go seek with Wave and Sky and Cloud, Wave was counting and Jessy and Midnight were in really good hiding spots. "Ok fine dudes we give up" said Wave, then Jessy and Midnight came out of their hiding spots and Wave said "Woah that's like the most obvious spots dudes! And yet I didn't look there" Jessy and Midnight laughed. Jessy was awakened by activity outside, Midnight was gone and her spot was cold. Jessy got up and stretched, she walked out of her cave and looked around. Unicorns were everywhere running around and putting moss in front of the elders cave and the nursery cave. Jessy walked out, she spotted Wave and walked over to him, "What's going on Wave? Why is everyone frantic?" asked Jessy, "Dude!! Like dragons are like attacking!" He said, "Where's Midnight?!" asked Jessy frantically, "She's like fighting outside!" he said. Jessy ran out of the waterfall, and sure enough, there were dragons and unicorns attacking. Even Ice, as an old unicorn was fighting. "Midnight!!!! Ice!!! Lilac!!!" Jessy shouted, Ice looked at Jessy and then one of the dragon's from above him swooped down and took him away. That was it, the dragons were retreating and calling cries of triumph. Jessy ran towards Midnight. She was heartbroken. "Oh Jessy!! They have taken Ice!" she cried, "It's ok, everything's ok we will work it out." said Jessy soothingly. She was gripping Midnight's mane as she walked through the waterfall, all the unicorns were sad, especialy Flame. Flame walked up to a hill that was formed out of rock and said, "Attention unicorns of Unicorn land, We have lost another unicorn and we will mourn for him. Leader, Friend, Fighter. He has served us well and we will show him our respect. We will have a funeral for him tonight, but before we do that we must have to chose a new leader. You know the drill we will line up and come up onto the hill. If you're mane blows with the wind, you are the chosen leader. Everyone please form a line." Everyone started forming a line at the base of the hill. First up was Forest, he started climbing the hill, he stood on the hill for about ten seconds. There was no breeze. Next was Wave, he started to climb the hill, stood on top of the hill for fifteen seconds, no breeze. then came Lilac, she climbed the hill and stood there for ten seconds, still no breeze, the came Sky, he limped up the hill and stood on the top, a strong breeze came and his beautiful black mane waved in the wind. All the unicorns started cheering for Sky. Sky held his chin up triumphantly, but there was still a sad sparkle in his eye. Midnight came over to Jessy and said "I knew it! I knew it was him!" she cried, "Oh Midnight he makes the perfect leader." Jessy cheered, "Go ahead, get you're mother and go up to congratulate him" Jessy encouraged, "Thank you" said Midnight. Jessy was happy for Midnight and her father, but she missed Ice. She sighed and headed for her cave. She had brought along a picture of her family and stared at it for a moment, she hadn't noticed the tears rolling down her cheeks until Midnight came in, "What's wrong Jessy?" she asked concerned, "I miss Ice" she sniffled, "Oh darling, it will be ok, everything will be ok" said Midnight comfortingly, her words reminded Jessy of earlier when Jessy was the one comforting Midnight. The rest of the day was taking all the moss away from the elder's cave and the nursery cave and preparing for the funeral for Ice. When the funeral came Sky was in charge. Everyone was sad especially Ice's sister. "Oh Ice!" she cried, "Why? Why did it have to be you?" Midnight came up and comforted her, "It's ok Frost, everything's ok." Midnight said comfortingly, "Midnight?" asked Jessy, "I never got to know Ice and now I feel bad" said Jessy, "I know how that feels, When Fire died I was only a couple days old." said Midnight sadly, "You are fifty?" asked Jessy surprised, "I sure am" said Midnight, "But for unicorns I am twenty." she reminded Jessy, "Oh right, Unicorns I forgot." said Jessy. Jessy didn't sleep well that night, she kept dreaming of Ice being mad at her for coming to Unicorn Land and not helping with the dragon fight. Jessy had a flash back of the day that she arrived, "I thought I told you not to bring humans to our land!" said Ice, "But she is the chosen one" said Midnight, Jessy didn't feel like the chosen one, she felt like she was an alien in the human world, she could never fit in. Jessy woke up startled with a pawing in her side, "Jessy" Midnight called "Oh Jessy", "Go away mom" Jessy said, "Jessy it's me, Midnight" Said Midnight, Jessy sat straight up in bed, "What's happening are there dragons?" Jessy demanded, "No silly but it's eleven 'O clock!" Midnight giggled, "Oh, sorry I had a rough night." Jessy yawned, "You had better get up, we are having a meeting in five minutes" Midnight said. Jessy got up and got dressed and headed out of her cave into the cove with the beautiful flowers and the crystal clear water, Jessy still wasn't used to the intense beauty of everything. "Attention all Unicorns" Sky called, "It is Jessy's second day in Unicorn Land with us, and we need to have a proper naming cerimony." Sky said, "Jessy, If you would please step forward and accept you're name." Sky asked, Jessy walked forward to the hill that Sky was standing on. She did not like having to be the center of attention. "Jessy, is it you're wish to give up you're life as a human and join us in Unicorn Land forever?" Sky asked "Yes, it is." Jessy said, "Then I call upon our ancestors to look down on you and give you you're Unicorn name." Sky said, Jessy heard a faint whisper on the wind saying "Jaaaade", Jessy could hear faint whispers saying Jade, "They have chosen." Sky announced, "Jessy, You will now be known as Jade." Sky said, " Jade! Jade! Jade!" chanted the Unicorns, Midnight ran up the hill to meet the new Jessy, "Oh Jade, It's the perfect name for you!" Midnight cheered, "Thank you." said Jade. The day was long, Jade was tired and the Unicorns were happy, Jessy wished she was a unicorn, maybe if she stayed for a year she would turn her into a unicorn. Jade was sad, very very sad. Jade missed her friends, missed her home, and most of all, she missed her family, although she didn't have the most caring family in the world, at least she had a family. She was dissapointed in herself, she felt like she was just a waste of the unicorns time. Outside it started to rain, "Midnight? Would you please take me for a walk?" asked Jade, "Sure, just let me finish weaving this canopy for you're cave, and then we can go." Midnight answered, "Ok" Jade mumbled. After Midnight was done weaving the canopy of leaves for Jade, she took Jade on a walk in the rain. "Midnight?" Jade asked, "If I am not happy here in Unicorn Land I can alw-" Midnight had stopped, "What's wrong?" Just after Jade had said that, she saw a black unicorn rise from the tall grass where Jade had gotten the Burdock Root when Sky was sick. Jade heard Midnight grunt, Midnight turned and ran back to Unicorn Land, "Midnight! They are gaining on us!" Jessy looked back and saw a army of black unicorns following their leader, Midnight jumped through the waterfall and ran up to the hill where Sky was appointed leader, "Everyone can I have you're attention please!" Midnight yelled, all the unicorn's looked up at Midnight "We are under attack by DarkMane!" Midnight said, "We must prepare!" Midnight was running frantically to each unicorn assigning them with a duty, "Father, Do not let any elders, or any apprentices fight!" Minight said to Sky, "We must do what we can to stop them" Sky said, "Father! They have grown stronger over the years! The whole field was full of them! We can't let them take away our apprentices and elders!" Midnight yelled at her father, "Stop this!" yelled Sky. Midnight slowly backed away from her father and ran towards the elders cave, "No elders are going to fight today!" She yelled, "Jade, I want you to go to you're cave and fall asleep, when you wake up tell me who you see who will be fighting and who will not make it through" Midnight choked on her last word. Jade ran towards her cave and settled down on her moss bed. Jade fell asleep and focused only on her dream. "Frost!! Run!!" yelled Midngiht as Frost was getting caved in by black unicorns, "Frost no!!" Screamed Jade at the top of her lungs, the black unicorns had her caved in, Jade turned her head so she could not see the rest. Thirty seconds late Jade opened her eyes and looked back at the battle field. The ground where Frost had been was now stained with silver blood, Jade saw apprentices by them selves being caved in by black unicorns, some with black horns, others with silver tinted on their horns, Jade looked around for Midnight and saw her fighting with her father. Jade looked around and noticed that the adult unicorns were doing well, but the apprentices and elders weren't. Jade woke up and ran outside to Sky, "We can't let the elders or apprentices fight!" Yelled Jade, "Frost and Daisy didn't make it!" Jade said, "Very well" Sky said, "We must trust the chosen one" Sky said, "They are here!" yelled Midnight from the top of the hill, Jade ran up to the top of the hill and told Midnight that the elders and apprentices could not fight. "Elders and apprentices!!" Midnight yelled, "Stay inside and help treat injured unicorns!" Midnight said, "Jade!" Sky yelled, "Come down here!" Jade looked down at Sky who was by the medicine cave, "Hurry!" he said frantically, Jade ran towards him and greeted him.

Snorkeling AND Scuba Diving!!!

Last night was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because... WE TOOK A SNORKELING AND A SCUBA DIVING CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun!!! I loved it!! So we went to a place in Draper called Dive Addicts and they have a swimming pool in a building near their shop! So one day we were looking for things that we were going to need for our cruise (which bye the way is only eight more days away!) and my dad asked if they had Snorkeling classes!! Well apparently they have Snorkeling classes AND Scuba Diving classes!! So my dad set us up a appointment to take Snorkeling classes for Thursday, and the manager, named Deanne I think that was her name, said that we could also do a Scuba Diving class as well! So these are private lessons which was nice, and the swimming pool was ninety one degrees which was nice, and the snorkeling gear fit right which was nice, and Deanne was really good which was nice, and we were there for two hours which was nice, and Deanne thought that I was a little ball of sunshine which was nice, and the lessons were only a hundred dollars all together which was nice, and I got to try my new swimming suits which was nice, and we learned how to snorkel which was nice, and we learned how to scuba dive which was nice, and I loved it so much!!!!!!! The only down side is that I now have bruises on my feet where the flippers were and my legs are sore and my hair smells like chlorine and my fingers started to look like brains and when I was showering I got conditioner in my eye. But I think it was worth it!!! I am way excited for the cruise, and I wish that everything was done so that we could just fly down to Florida right now and lay on the beach every morning and night when the sun rises and falls. But, we can't. Unless... No we can't.

Okay well that's all I have to say about that!!!!!

Have a good rest of the winter!!!!!!



50th Post!!!!!!

Well this is my fiftieth post!! Today has been a good day (so far) because when we fed the outside animals that went fairly well, and last fall we bred three of our dairy goats and they are due in the next month or so, and when we went out into the pasture one of our goats, Willow was starting to get an udder!!! That's a good thing and a bad thing, the good thing is, we know who she is bred with and that she will have high quality babies, and the bad thing is, she might have her babies while we are on our cruise which is now nine days away!!! I am so excited!!! Also coming up today, I have Anatomy with one of my homeschool friends, and I have Violin!! Pretty good day huh? Ok well I really need to get going so ttyl!!




Happy Valentine's Day peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of exclamation points!! Spread the love! Share the cheer! Valenitine's Day is here! Today has been pretty good because I have been laying in bed because I am sick! Yay!! Kinda. So I what did you get for Valentine's Day today?? (leave a comment!!) From my Daddy I got The Aristocats special edition!! I already watched it, it was great! Thank you Daddy!! My Mom got Roses and my bro got the Corvette Bible. The roses smell great and the Corvette Bible, is well uh ya I'll get back to that. Anyways I hope you all have a great day filled with love and joy and merriness and happiness and you get the point right? Ok good.

Bye Bye!!


Warm!!!! And then a cold.

We finally got some warm(er) weather down here in Utah!! The highest the tempurates got were around 50 degrees!! Amazing right? Not really. You know Utah, "Oh it's so warm!!" and then the next day its a blizzard. Well yesterday I came up with a cold so today I have been laying on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants and Dirty Jobs and The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride and A Night at the Roxbury. I know good selection! So the symptoms of my cold are, a sore throat, aching muscles, a headache, and not typing very well... So I am on my computer, I have been on my computer for about two hours, my brother is on his laptop (by the way Brit good job on taking care of me and Mom!!) and my Mom is in her room watching Sideways. Also yesterday my Mom got her wisdom teeth pulled, and when the dentist was numbing her on the roof of her mouth it bled into her cheek. So now she has a really swollen, sore cheek. But hopefully when the swelling goes down that her wisdom teeth won't give her any trouble. Get well soon!! Anyways I think thats all I have to say right now, so see ya later!! (now to decide what movie to watch...)



Maybe we should start a business...

I was thinking today... Maybe we could start a family business by selling chocolate covered strawberries!! Our family is making alot of them lately and boy are theyt good!! Not only do we make chocolate covered strawberries, but we also make chocolate covered blackberries and chocolate covered grapes!! Right now we have some in the fridge that me and my dad made and I am so excited for them to dry! I need suggestions for names!! Thank you!!

(Oh and dad, I won't let ANY dogs into the big room.)

((or cats))

See ya!!



45 Posts!!!

So this is my fourty fifth post! (I'm catching up Jeni) I wanted to wait 'till my fiftieth post, but I couldn't... Anyways, I don't have that much more to say! Except that there is only TWENTY more days untill our cruise and that soft serve ice cream is looking really good right now!! The family went shopping today, yes I know big shock that my dad and my brother went shopping!! We had to look for things that we all needed for the formal dinners. Like Brit needs shirts and I need necklaces and my dad needs a tie, and so on. Anyways once we were done family shopping my brother and dad went home and me and my mom went to Old "Baby" (that's what my cousin Kyler calls Old Navy) and got some shorts and shirts etc. So it has been a busy day, and now I am surfing the web, because I am bored and tired. So anyways that is all I have to say about that!!

See ya later!!



Time to Cruise!!

I can't beleive it!! We are leaving to go on a cruise in 23 days!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! I am wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy excited!!! Mostly at night though because that is the time when my body wants to settle down but actually the opposite happens. So, that is when I get the most excited and I usaully go into my dad's room and we watch Cruising Do's and Don'ts. We have watched it three times, oop! I just recalled something, Don't overpack!! Ya sorry about that. Anyways getting back to the Cruise, we are going on the ship called The Triumph and we have a mini golf course and two swimming pools and then we have Kiddy fun things, I don't know what they are called but that sounded about right, We have a waterslide and we have soft serve ice cream whenever we want and it will be so fun!!!!!! I seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!! I also have VERY cute swimming suits. They are halter top bikinis with bikini bottoms and they have a skirt that covers up the bikini bottoms and I have three of those. One is yellow and it has cherries on the bikini top and bottoms and the skirt has white polka dots, and another one that I have is pink with darker pink and blue and green plaid on it and it has ruffles on the skirt the bottoms and the tops, and then I have another that has blue, green, and white stripes that has a "artificial" belt on the skirt of which is very cute. And those are all the swimming suits that I have!! Well that is all I can tell you about the cruise right now!! I will let you know if I have anymore details! For now, it is Farewell.


So, once again I have dyed my hair, I know it sounds unnatural but I actually use Henna and Indigo which are leaves from plants. They don't make my hair wiry or dull, they make it shiny and smooth! So I figure it can't hurt to do it more than once, right? So now this time my mom just put plain indigo on so that it would be a dark auburn. Right now it is black on the top and on the ends it is a beautiful auburn color that I love!! I will try to get a picture on and show you!! I love it! Thank you mom!!!

(oh and by the way my D isn't working that well so if you see something that oesn't make sense there is probably supposed to be a D there)