Is that...?

Well, the other night, while my mom was having her book group, me, my brother, and my dad went out to dinner! We were trying to decide where to go, and we had a few special "needs" that night. I could only eat soup, or something soft, because I went to to orthodontist the day before, and all my teeth were sore. Brit wanted something vegetarian, and yummy. Like a garden burger. We were on our way to South Towne, and my dad suggested Mimi's Cafe. It sounded great to me, because I could get Corn Chowder, and a Bran muffin, and Brit could get a veggie burger! We went to Mimi's, got seated, and began our night. I ordered (of course), the corn chowder, and the bran muffin, and Brit ordered the French Quarter burger, with a garden burger substitute, and my Dad ordered the three course meal dealio. He got French Onion soup, Mahi Mahi entree, and a triple fudge brownie for dessert. I thought the meal was really good! It hit the spot just right... While my dad was eating his dessert, (letting us have some bites of course) This family came in. There was a man, and two woman. Now, there's something you have to understand here. They were all just a tad over-weight, one of the women didn't wear a bra, and the man had long hair, a beard, a lumber-jack coat, and he had his hood pulled up over his head. Not long after they sat down, I got a text. I looked at my phone, and the text was from my dad. The text read, "Don't stare, but the guy sitting behind Brit looks like Obi-Wan Kanobi" I, having already been "glancing" at him, knew exactly what my dad was talking about. I had my own thoughts about him. I texted my dad back, "I thought he looked more like Brian David Mitchell" The night continued on, until my brother asked, "Young, or old?" My dad replied, "Mmm, Old" I was very confused at this point until my brother asked again, "Episode 1, or episode 4?" By this point, I knew they were talking about "Obi-Wan David Mitchell". It was an interesting night! But the food was good, the company was great, and I had a good time.