Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

How lovely are thy branches! We got our christmas tree up! Hopefully we can get it down too! Last year we had our Christmas tree up 'till May! Well I guess we should make the cheer last! Ours is a fake one, with lights already on it. We still need to put the ornaments on it, but at least the lights are on! We also set up our little Christmas village! It looks so cute! I like it alot! I'll try to get you some pictures of the tree and the village. See ya later!


I Cleaned My Room!

Today was pretty good, I cleaned hard all day but that didn't stop me from having a good mood! I cleaned my room today! It looks sooo good! I cleaned my desk I cleaned my dresser I cleaned my bed I cleaned my floor! Ah it looks nice. I didn't go to Black Friday (luckily) because I want to wait 'till next year or something. I changed the ring tone on my phone to The Barenaked Ladies Jingle Bells! I'm really excited to go to Arizona for Christmas, I think it will be really fun to see my relatives, and get out of the cold weather! Anyways, I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving so... Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Next Holiday I beleive is Hanukkah, If not please correct me! Well I gotta go! See ya later!!!!



Thanksgiving Stuffin'

I took my Mom's advice and I am going to tell you how we made our Stuffun'. First we had to got to Costco and we bought some Kirkland Stovetop bread crumbles and then the ingredients are... We made alot so you can cut down on the ingredients if you want to. One Onion chopped. About ten Mushrooms sliced. One sausage chopped(?). Mix all the ingredients in a big Nonstick Pot, and let cook for I don't know how many minutes? Until the Mushrooms and Sausage are cooked. For the Bread Crumbs, Mix three bags of bread crumbs in a pot with water and a stick and a half of butter. and mix the two together and there you go! You have Stuffin'!



Hi! Sorry I haven't posted much on my Blog for the past week or so! I'm really busy so it is hard to post! Plus I don't have things to post about. Anyways! If you have any Ideas on what I should post let me know! See ya later!



Yesterday night we went to Cabela's, we got some clothes and things and we got dinner. I thought it was pretty fun! I got cute brown PJ's that have pink hearts on the and they are fuzzy! And I got a cute camo hat, it's kinda like a baseball cap but the rim is shorter and alot cuter, it's camo, and my mom got a really nice thick coat so that she can wear it in the freezing tempatures of Utah! My dad got a Waterfowl coat for my Grandpa cause they are going hunting tomorrow with Tanner, and we got really good fudge (and cinnamin coated cashews)! My fudge was Chocolate with really soft Marshmallows and Brit got some fudge and half of it was Peanut Butter and the othe half was Chocolate. I thought I would let you know how that went! Have good weekend everyone! (oh and I watched My Name is Earl and The Office last night, SO FUNNY!)



COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I live without it. There are two cans of Vanilla Coke on my desk so thats where I came up with the whole idea. What about it is so good? I know the caffeine is part of it but what else? High Fructose Corn Syrup, yes I know that part but what!?!? I want one right now but it is to late... Darn. Anyways if you have any thoughts on this let me know! ;-) Kaylee


Don't know what to put as my title

Today was really nice. I woke up in a good mood and have been in a good mood all day! Tomorrow I am going to play with my friend Allysa, tonight my dad and Brit went to a Ozzy concert with Rob Zombie. I hope they are having a good time! I went shopping today with my mom and we had a discount coupon and we saved $164! Although we only got eight things it was still $114. Anyways I got a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt that goes with it and I got a denim skirt that came with leggings but I have skull leggings that I think look cooler ;) and I got a cute shirt thats black stretchy material with what looks like another shirt but um... it's hard to describe... It's what Ellen Degeneres wears? Does that help? Anyways its all really cute. Well I better get ready for bed! Toodles! Kaylee


Great Morning

The Morning was nice I woke up at 8:45am and I accidentally did two lessons of math yesterday morning and so today I don't have to do any math! I was online a little bit this morning, looking for the Hyper Hypo with Kim basinger, No luck. Dang. Oh well its gotta be out there somewhere! Anyways I'll let you know if I find it. DONT HILIGHT!! If you can read this you are amazing!. I accidetally woke my dad up last night while Brit was on my computer after I tolk him to get off so I went in his room to get on his computer and... It woke my dad up. Sorry Daddy! :-* Well! I gotta get going with my day!! See ya later!!!



Cheesecake Factory!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally got to make it to the Cheesecake Factory!!!!! It was so friggin' good!!! I loooooved it!!!! For the Appetizer we had Buffalo Blasts, and for my Drink I had the Peach Smoothie, and for my Entree I had the Orange chicken, and for Dessert... should I tell you!? I had the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cheesecake!!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!! You will not believe how good it was, I mean my head almost came off!!! The wait on Friday night was FOUR HOURS!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? Luckily we got seated in thirty minutes! I thought I would let everyone know who didn't come what it was like. It was exactly like the one in Arizona (don't worry Jen we didn't come to Arizona just for the Cheesecake)!

(the picture above is the actual Cheesecake Factory in Utah)



Do you believe in Unicorns? I do. I think they hide in the shadows and in the darkness. I personally like black unicorns best, I think that black is a color of beauty and um... well I think black is a color of beauty. Post a reply on you're opinion on Unicorns! Oh also I got a new Stuffed Animal today! His name is Pocky! I'll get you a picture. He's up in the top right corner (and in my lap)! I love you Pocky! (He's a dog)



Family... What would we be without them? Dad's are the ones who work all day and still come home in a happy mood. Mom's are the ones who help you through the hard times life throws at you. Sibling's are the ones who teach you patience and much more too!

I just wanted to let my family know how much they mean to me and that I would do anything for them. I love you!