Well, since I haven't posted in a long time, I hope that you are ready for a really long post! Ok so, a few Sunday's ago was Father's day right? So, we went to my Grandma's and Grandpa's house to have dinner. And after dinner and stuff, the cousins decided to have a big sleepover at my Grandparents house. So, we all had the sleeover, ME Megan Sammy Beka and Zack. Ok so Monday morning all the cousins decided to come over to my house, and help me with my chores. So I assigned all of them three chores, and since it was Monday, I had extra chores so it all worked out. So, it all got a little hectic, so, me and Megan are playing crack the egg on the trampoline, (which we have sold by the way) and Megan was bouncing me, and I fell over backwards onto my neck and heard a big ol' CRACK! Sounded like rice crispies after you put the milk in. So, we had Polly come, and pick up all the kids, because we were debating if we should take me to the doctor or not. We decided not to though, because spending time in the waiting room on the uncomfortable plastic chairs, it probably wouldn't be very good for my back. So we figgered' out that I had a back injury and a rib injury, because I was holding my knees to my chest, and probably hurt them as I was cracked. Ok that section is done. So, on Saturday, we had a big ol' huge yard sale. I had a lemonade stand, and you could get pink lemonade for 25 cents, a chocolate donut for 75 cents, a cookie for 50 cents, a bottled water for 50 cents, a little bowl of peanuts for 10 cents, and popcorn for 25 cents. I made $9.00 or so. Ok moving on. So, on Tuesday I think it was, Me and my brother traded chores. Brit has a back problem, and he was on dish duty, so he decided that it might be a good idea to trade chores with me. He said that I could choose any chore that I wanted to trade him for the dishes, and he said that it doesn't have to be a 'small' chore either. So I decided that he could trade me cleaning the big room. Now, if you have ever been to our house, you would know that the big room is, well, big. So it gets messy really easily. So I think that was a good trade, The big room is staying cleaner, and the dishes are more organized. Moving on. Well, I want to go to work with my dad sometime, but we can't figg'r out a good day to do it. But we are thinking next Monday will be good because he won't have to work a full day, and he's not leaving the house at 8.00 A.M.



Sleepy Head!

Last night, I slept veeerrry well. Why you ask? Because, I slept in my own room! Yay fur me! I woke up at around 8:30 or so, and I fell asleep around 11:00 I think. I am very proud of myself! I had Kelly, and Jasmine to keep me safe, and my mom moved my bed into a position that I though would be better. I am always afraid of someone, or something looking at from the window, so now, instead of being under my window, I am next to it, making it easier for me to see out. Also I have curtains that I can close at night. I love my room!

(Dedicated to my mom for rearranging my room for me, and Mike, from Little People Big World who has recently died from a torn Aorta)




Last week I decided that I should have a way to earn money!(other than Kaylee's Spa) So... I have decided that I should sew dolls by request for family members! I have already made Megan and Sammy dolls, and I am working on Ryleigh's and Beka's! If you (yes you!) would like a doll, You can email me what you want for his/her hair, skin, patches, and eyes, or I can surprise you with a doll! If you don't have my email address, please email my mom. If you don't have her email address, than I am dearly sorry.


Anatomy With Alyssa

Today was a good day, I had my friend named Alyssa over today for our homeschool anatomy. Today we learned about Health and Medicine. Then, after Anatomy, we went outside and played Cats, then we got bored with that, so we went to get the eggs from the chicken coop. We got 6 eggs today! we usaully only get two a day so, I think that the chickens like the summer! One of the eggs was literally the size of a dandelion! I think we have a new layer! After we got the eggs from the chicken coop, we went inside and played hide and go seek, then we played spies, and then we went back outside and just hung out! It was a good day!



Hi people of which whom read my blog! (if that makes any sense!) I am gravely sorry for not posting since our vacation to Moab!(it was a ton of fun!) I have nothing really to post about every so I want to say, Happy Anniversary, to my Mom and Dad, Happy Father's Day, to my father and all the other fathers in the world, Happy Birthday Alyssa and Beka! Both my friends, one my cousin, their birthdays are both in early June, Thank you Jenny Foster, for teaching me how to play the Violin, and, thank you family and friends!!!!!