Catching Up

Hey Everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have posted, so here it goes.

Well, Lots of things have changed since the last time I posted! First of all, we will start with home school. This year has gone really well as far as classes, lessons, and things like that. I am taking a Shakespeare class on Tuesday mornings, and that is really fun. We are just finishing Macbeth this week. It was WAY good! We discuss our book, Macbeth, and we play games that help with actors training, and we learn dances of the Elizabethan Era, and act out little scenes from Shakespeare. It is SO much fun! I love this class to death. Not only is it a great learning experience, but it also is a great social experience as well! I have made many friends in that class.

I am currently taking an amazing online Science class. It is probably one of my favorite classes, and I think I have learned the most from this class, than I have in any other class! We started out with a little history of science. Learning the earliest scientists, and then the most recent scientists. We then moved on to learning about THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD(echoey super-hero voice), and how to apply it to experiments. Right now, we are learning about the different types of Science. We are talking about Archaeology, Paleontology, and Geology. I always kind of feel bad for Geology. It's not as grand as Archaeology or Paleontology. Anyways, in Archaeology, we are talking about how a historical document, or something of that sort, how do we know it is true? There is the Internal Test, which tests to see if the document contradicts itself, the External Test, to see if it contradicts any other artifacts, places, or other documents, and The Bibliographic Test, which tests if the document is the same as the original. Pretty fun eh? I love this class to death, and last night I got 100% on my exam! I am so proud of myself! We even celebrated with sparkling cider.

Math has been surprisingly easy this year! I am really starting to get the hang of it, and how it all works. My mom has been really working hard to make sure that I understand it, and remember it. I am behind a year or so in math, but that's okay, cause I am doing well, and I know I will catch up. I am right in the middle of learning about Decimals.

I am currently taking an awesome violin/fiddle class from Nisha Harman. I love to just play away on my violin. I could do it all day! I am currently starting a classical song, my first in about two years. It is Concerto in A Minor. It is a beautiful song, and I love to play it. I also am getting a little bit better at performing in front of people. I am fine performing for my mom, or dad, or brother. But anyone else, I am still a bit shaky in the knees! I love violin, and I think I will continue to play the rest of my life.

I am not taking any art classes right now, but I would love too. One O, or two... Anyways I love to draw, paint, and anything of that sort. Last night I drew a cute little Snowman that I am really proud of. :)
In my opinion, the world is my school. Every time I take a step outside, I am learning something new. Whenever I have a question, I can just ask my teacher. I love to know that I learn something new every day. Even if it is something small, like remembering how to write a lowercase q in cursive. Each time we go to a play, or even to dinner. It's so refreshing. By the way, the world is a GREAT teacher. :)

Well, we still have a lot of pets! We recently sold some of our goats. We sold four babies, and one mama. They all went to great homes! Except last night I had a dream that we brought one of our baby goats back from their old home, because he was being abused, and forced to eat "fresh poo"... I have NO idea where that came from! We currently have two goats, our sweet buck, Riot, and our sweet doe, Suzie. I know I am a farm girl at heart, so I love to go out and take care of our animals! They are so fulfilling. We still have our two sweet ponies, Beau and Ginger. They are the sweetest ponies you could ever find! I love them to death! Especially when they are fuzzy for the winter. We have five chickens, three Rhode Island Reds, one Australorp, and one Silkie. They are so cute! Our Mother Hen's name is Fern, and our other two RIR's are named Autumn, and Honey. Our Australorop's name is Mortitia, and she is at the bottom of the pecking order. :( And our silkie, who is a rooster, his name is Mr. Bojangles. He is the funniest looking chicken! Ever! For some reason though, he doesn't like being the top chicken. I don't know why! We have four dogs still, Dodger, Jasmine, Jade, and Dill. Dodger is Brit's dog, and he is an Australian Shepherd mix, Jasmine is my dog, and she is a Blue Heeler mix, Jade is my dad's dog, and she is a Yellow Lab, and Dill is my mom's dog, he is a Yorkie Pekingese. We love our dogs, and they love us. I have two indoor cats, Kelli, and Angel, and they are dandy! And we have six outdoor cats that are faithful to staying with us. Mama Kitty, Tim, Shadow, Dream, Tabby, and Noelle. During the summer, our sweet Daddy Cat passed away. He is missed everyday. There are a few feral cats that hang around our property. One is named Koochy, and he looks just like Daddy Cat did, the other doesn't have a name, but she is really cute. She has crossed eyes, a grey coat, and she is really fuzzy. Her and our cat Shadow, who is mentally retarded, hang out together, and it is really cute. She lives in our horse trailer. Any name ideas for her? She is getting used to me and my mom a little bit. And then there's Kiwi. He is such a sweet little bird, and I love him to death! He is with me right now, watching me type, and eating a paper towel. He is so cute, and I love him to death! About a month ago, we found a kitten on the side of the road. She was pretty much dead from starvation. We brought her home, and fed her some soft cat food. She had diarrhea from the very start, and it never ceased. She would eat, and drink, but she still wasn't doing well. One day, she started doing a little bit better, we let ourselves get a little bit of hope that she was going to make it. Later that night, she passed on peacefully. I feel so grateful that we got to spend those few days with that sweet little kitten. She was the sweetest, most adorable thing in the world. I miss you Boo, and you will always have a place in my heart.

Well now I'm all teared up! Sniff Sniff... Anyways, Life's good! I am really happy right now, and I love my life. I feel like I am a very privileged thirteen year old. The things I have said above pretty much are my life, aside from my family. Usually, I wake up, get ready for whatever class I have that day, take care of my cats, take care of my bird, then go to class. When I get home, I do my chores, and my other home school, then I have the rest of the day off! I have a wonderful life, filled with wonderful people. Recently, we got a banjo. It is sooo much fun to play! I have learned a couple of fiddle songs, the Dueling Banjo's, Yankee Doodle, O' Susanna, and When the Saints Come Marching In! It is a ton of fun to play! I taught Brit part of the Dueling Banjo's, and I played it on my fiddle, and we dueled! It was awesome! On Wednesday night, I went to a CCS dinner with my dad. My mom hurt her shoulder recently, so she couldn't make it. So my dad invited me! It was so cool, and I was so grateful I got to go! I got to meet all the people that dad works with, and I even got to meet Bishop Wester! He is so nice. I had soo much fun! Thanks for taking me dad! Today I am going to a movie with my friend Shelby! She is so nice, and it is her birthday today! We are going to see Despicable Me. I am way excited! And, I hope she likes her gift. I am so happy lately, and I just love everything about my life. Even the sad, and hard times. I am a very lucky girl.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a nice day!



Polly B. said...

I love reading your blog, Kaylee. You are such a positive girl and a good writer. Keep it up!

Kaylee said...

Thanks Polly! I'm glad you like, and read my blog.

Kim Bringhurst said...

So happy you are happy =0>