Things that SUCK about being sick.

Here are some things that I hate about being sick...

Laying on the couch watching everyone work
Watching the same episodes of Spongebob every day
Pooping my pants while barfing
Having everyone feel bad for me
Only being able to eat Saltine's and Gatorade
When my mom gets sick then we both have to suffer
Not being able to go down the stairs without breathing hard
Aches and Pains
Terrible Headache
The horrible taste of Tums
Feeling hungry all the time
Having to take breaks from walking every five minutes
Having to change my underwear every time I fart (I try not to fart)
Not being able to practice my Violin for the past 3 weeks
Not being able to find something on T.V
Being slow
Being bored

Please share any thing that sucks for you when you are sick!


Warriors, The Power of Three, Outcast

Well, today a book in one of my favorite series is came out! My dad ordered it for me on Amazon. I can't wait for it to get here!!!! I am learing a new song on my violin called Allegro. It's very fun!! I have nothing really to post about, so....... bye!


An Unexpected Turn

It has been a hard couple of weeks for all of us, With the baby goats, and all the homeschool stuff. On Friday, we had an unexpected turn. We had a sick goat named Daisy who had two babies this year. One named Trigger, and the other named Pal. She is a very good mom and always worried about her babies. She got so overwhelmed, she got sick. She had Ketosis, which if not cured in time, will cause liver failure. Me and my mom always feed the animals in the morning, and when we went out Friday morning, She was dead. We tried as hard as we could to get her to pull through, but she was to weak. We took her to a place where she could be cremated, and they spread the ashes on Eagle Mountain. I will never forget that goat, She was very sweet, and was a very good mother. We now have to bottle feed her two babies, Trigger and Pal, and I hope she is happy in Eagle Mountain.



Well, apparently I am accident prone! Last week I had my fall on my knee, now today I have hurt my ankle! It happened when I was carrying my dinner into our Big Family room. My hands were full of food so I took my food onto the big room and set it down, and went back up to the door to close it. Well when I was trying to close it, my foot got caught between the door and the stairs. It smashed my ankle, and now it hurts really bad. I can not walk on it, I have to crawl and hop everywhere. I also wanted to do an update on my Webkinz! His name is floppy and he has a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a garden. I am also taking care of my mom's Webkinz part time. Today while I was searching for gems, I found the W gem! I got 475 Kinzcash off of it! Well that's all I have to say right now!



Scaredy Cat!

That looks weird, hmm... Anyways I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would post about my uncle Joe. He is currently living in our basement, so he will come up into the kitchen to go to work or just go hang out somewhere, and I have a special hiding spot, I will hide in our coat closet and POP out at him! It's pretty funny!! Every time I do that he says, "You're dead! Don't go to sleep tonight!" So he thinks he's pretty tough right? WRONG!!! I keep scaring him, I have already scared him two times today! Haha, it's good to have a scaredy cat in the house! Oh and a prank that me and Brit and my mom played on him was, well I kinda have to explain it first.

So me and my mom go to the Chinese market to get some baby coconuts, well when my mom had gone there before, she saw a fruit called a Durian, They are spiky and the picture up in the top left corner is a Durian. So we opened up the durian, and it smelled! So, we had the idea to put the Durian in Joe's apartment type place and it would stink up the place!! Well, he was at work, and my mom had given him some ham sandwiches, so when he came home, he went downstairs, and he comes back up, maybe about fifteen minutes later, and he says, "Hey Kim, are those ham sandwiches still okay?" by that time I was trying not to bust up, and my mom said, "Yeah they should be fine, Why? Do they smell or something?" So then Joe says, "Well I took a bite out of one and it tasted bad, I think the ham is bad or something." "Well the ham should be fine because it's processed." Ha ha too funny!! So then later, I went down and me and Joe and Brit played video games, Me and Brit are both like, "What's that smell Joe?" "It smells Terrible!"


So that was for April first, April fools day.

Please share any pranks that were pulled on you!!